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-fought campaign, they have reelected barack obama. right now the president and his family have returned to the white house, where they will be residents for the next four years. right now it is about watching the votes come in. mr. obama has won 303 alike toro college of votes. mr. romney had 260. for the popular vote, president obama had 50.1%. nit romney hadn't 48.3%. -- mitt romney had 48.3%. we go to chicago for the obama victory. >> this is what the three looks like, a moment of it -- what victory looks like, a moment of triumph. it is not near happiness. it is a dream and the man who embodies it. barack obama savored the moment. he became the first black american to win a second term. he basked in the pride of his wife and daughters. he said alexian's can be small and silly but this was big and important. vice whether i have earned your vote or not, i have listened to you. i have learned from you, and you have made me a better president. with your stories and your struggles, i return to the white house more determined and inspired than ever. >> victory was delivered by a reagan an
starchy tubers. there is a smattering of obama supporters here tonight, right? ( crowd cheering ) no, go ahead, enjoy yourselves. because folks, you bought it. you bought the lie, hook, line and sinker. america's a quick drunk and an easy lay. apparently, we have to show up in a nice suit give free healthcare save the auto industry and kill bin laden, and that old girl will put out. sure, no, sure, sure folks. see my protests first, make some faint noises about defending the constitution. but whip out your class warfare and up come the skirts. will america respect herself in the morning? you could have gone with that nice romney boy. ( laughter ) what was his name? mitt. no, that can't be right, mitt's not a name. ( laughter ) remember... remember how stiff and awkward he was when he came a-courting. he was so sweet. a good man, a sober man. a man who shared your beliefs or any other belief. ( laughter ) and he offered you... he offered you everything a girl could want. military build-up, oil drilling on national parks, a massive across the board tax cut. but no, you had to suffer right
, a civil rights worker. he was not alive to see obama get elected and i was thinking how it would be to see him be real. i was happy about the democratic party staying together and particularly happy for every black kid in america. positives out of that for group of people. the voters vote and that's all i want to say. >> greg: will the black kid be happy if he doesn't get a job? >> kimberly: thank you for doing that, minute-35. >> greg: i love feel-good voting but if you don't fix problems of the country -- personally, we're officially plucked. america is plunging to european socialist experiment. the left wanted since fdr. will it work? they don't care that the income is getting lower or unemployment or debt. a wife who ignores horrible husband because she can't imagine another life. >> bob: i was referring to the younger black kids in elementary school and that i thought was -- >> greg: they can get summer jobs. >> greg: i swore if obama won and i'm moving to another country. i am from texas. >> bob: jersey city. >> kimberly: involve happiness, please. facts, numbers. >> eric: let's half
to the fiscal cliff face-off. president obama and speaker boehner said all the right things about trying to avoid the worst case scenario but both sides also made a to interpo draw some lines. the question is are they in the sand? are they painted? is there going to be easily blown away? we'll see. capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell, you're back. guess what, kelly? there's no vacation. there's no post-election rest. we're diving right in. read between the lines for me here. what did you hear and listen to yesterday? >> i was pacing myself for that no break so i'm ready to go. what i heard, especially coming back from some battleground states, is this does matter to people. the term fiscal cliff may be an awkward term in some respects but voters know about it and certainly in washington, it will dominate our conversation going forward. you had both harry reid and john boehner ready to go here, talking about this and they did begin with a tone that suggests a willingness to work together. kind of a post-election glow. but there are real differences. when you have harry reid who now
to bomb iran. and right now obama is at 243 and mitt romney is at 203. so keep your eye on that. [crowd cheering] donations trickling in for the presidential race. it's magical, thank a lot guys thanks for joining us. tonight's results, guys, what do you think. >> jon tonight's results have caused a seismic shift? what we're forecasting for the 2016 election. the real winner tonight looks to be hillary clinton who is now projecting pat 68% chance of victory -- >> [crowd cheering] >> that's up from 54% just a few hours ago. obviously premature to call the 2016 election but i think through demands we have at least examined some vice presidential options. tonight mitt romney received very little minority support. we're talking jimmy buffet concert level. so that's clearly going to have to put some coffee in that cream. wouldn't hurt to counter hillary with a woman either. some people are saying condaleesa rice or perhaps medea. >> no jon the character from greek tragedy who murders both of her children. that medea. >> jon: what about hillary's vice president. >> she'll need to reach older
of us right now. >> president obama's victory was a popularity contest. [ buzzer ] >> republicans, there is no way after holding out on obama after two years they're going to cave in. >> it's a mandate for us to work together. >> our leaders have to reach across the aisle to do the people's work. >> we are an american family, and we rise and fall together as one nation. >> i'm leading. >> it's a legitimate rape. the female body has ways to shut that whole thing down. >> things aren't going to turn out the way you think they are going to. >> even when life begins in a horrible situation of rape, got intended it to happen. >> i'm for richard mourdock for senate. >> we'll fight our way back. and we know in our hearts for the united states of america the best is yet to come. [ cheering ] >> cenk: my favorite is the herman cane clip. this is not a popularity contest. well, it kind of is. it's called a democracy. we see what gets more votes. that's how it works. i love it when these guys on the right start to cry. of course, president obama with the historic victory last night. but you
florida. too close to call for either mitt romney or president obama right now. absentee ballots are still being counted in six counties. saturday, november 10th, is the deadline, the fourth day after a general election, to report the numbers. election officials blame the delay on a long ballot there, 11 constitutional amendment questions, and officials have promised to get it right the next time. >> and to those who got discouraged and left without voting, moving forward, i will do whatever it takes to ensure that this does not happen again in lee county. >> vice president joe biden will appear on next week's episode of "parks and recreation" on our sister network nbc. amy poehler's character leslie knope apparently loses control during their meeting, according to "entertainment weekly." >>> and a mother who gave birth in kenya decided to name her newborn twins barack obama and mitt romney. the first one was barack, and the second is baby mitt. they are both adorable. >>> if you read one thing, this is a breakthrough election for women. my must read is about a 9-year-old football player,
than mccain. >> right. >> bill: interestingly enough. you know president obama's total was down as well. why do you think that? i thought republics would turn out because they don't like the president and the economy. >> always difficult to get people to come out to vote against somebody than for somebody. romney did not excite a will whole lot of the base of the republic party. >> bill: i find that so hard to believe. i really do. i thought it was a referendum on the president from the very beginning and republicans would be furious about his big government approach and quasisocialistic. >> you still have to beat him with somebody. referendum on the president of the united states. have you got to put somebody in there. >> bill: romney was not a bad candidate. >> how do you know he wasn't a bad candidate. >> bill: i saw with my own ice. do you think he would be a good president. >> bill: i have no idea. >> do you want to take that risk? >> bill: why not? you took a risk on barack obama. >> that's right. we did all right. >> bill: republicans would take a risk on mitt romney. is he an in
it works. i love it when these guys on the right start to cry. of course, president obama with the historic victory last night. but you already knew that. if you were watching this show, six weeks ago. >> president obama will be re-elected. now, is there a caveat and asterisks that things could happen? of course, life is too unpredictable to say anything with 100% certainty. now the rest of the press will be saying, oh my god it's a close race and the country is splitting, no one knows what is going to happen. nonsense. >> cenk: nonsense. that's exactly what happened with the rest of the media. do you remember this great moment by joe scarborough who was attacking those for doing math. >> both sides understand it is close and it could go either way. anybody that thinks that this race is anything but a toss up right now is such an ideologue they should be kept away from typewriters computers laptops and microphones for the next ten days because they're jokes. >> cenk: jokes really? joe, that's interesting. it seems we got it right and you got it totally wrong. it appears you know nothing abo
ryan. >>> hours after his re-election win, president obama dove right back into politics that loom over the fiscal cliff debate. he and his family returned to washington where the president called congressional leaders to talk about finding bipartisan solutions to reducing the debt, cut middle class taxes and create jobs. house speaker john boehner said under the right conditions republicans would consider new sources of raising revenue, but only if the president took an inclusive approach. >> mr. president, this is your moment. we're ready to be led, not as democrats or republicans, but as americans. we want you to lead, not as a liberal or conservative, but as president of the united states of america. we want you to succeed. let's challenge ourselves to find the common ground that has eluded us. let's rise above the dysfunction and do the right thing together for our country. >> senate majority leader harry reid said he was open to bargaining. >> we can achieve big things if we work together. that's what the american people said last night in a big way. i'm going to do everything wit
want to take that risk? >> bill: why not? you took a risk on barack obama. >> that's right. we did all right. >> bill: republicans would take a risk on mitt romney. is he an intelligent guy. ran a state. he was a governor. why not take a chance on him. you still haven't comand to me why 3 million less voted for romney than mccain in the republic party. >> the only thing i can say to you is i am not an expert in the republic party except if you don't have enthusiasm enough for a guy you will not turn out in those numbers. >> bill: you think they were more enthusiastic for john mccain. >> in some case, yes. he had been around a lot long. he also had the military. do you know in virginia romney and barack obama split the active military vote? now, how do you explain that? >> bill: i don't. i can't explain it at all. the things that i can can explain are the entitlement culture it, obviously going to vote for president obama. if you are on the other end of that. obviously. but, i can't explain, for example, single women other than the abortion issue i just can't imagine it's driving those
register, obama said -- obama was right. latino voters turned out in record numbers on tuesday and exit polls show obama won 71% of the latino vote. mitt romney won just 27%, less than any presidential candidates published any republican candidate in 16 years. in 2004, george w. bush won 44% of the latino vote. for the first time, latinos made up more than 10% of the nation's electorate. obama's a one huge margins of african-american and asian- american voters. on wednesday, senate majority leader harry reid called the democrats the party of diversity. and vowed to bring up an immigration reform bill next year. he said republicans continue to oppose immigration reform, it's at their peril. meanwhile on the state level, maryland voters affirmed the dream act on tuesday, allowing undocumented immigrants to receive in-state tuition. to talk more about the latino vote, we're joined by "democracy now!" co-host and new york daily news columnist juan gonzalez. he is author of a number of books including, "harvest of empire: a history of latinos in america." the groundbreaking book was recently
of state is counting. right new, governor romney with 49.24 percent compared to president obama with 49.9 percent so he is in the lead, still, with 55,000 more votes so floridaed if falls into the obama column as most people do expect because the difference here is far beyond the .5 percent that would give president obama college total of 301. >>shepard: obama wins florida, the republicans must be reeling. phil: that would be 332. >>shepard: phil, thanks. energy drinks are impairing u.s. troops in combat zones abroad. energy drinks. from a new army study finding as of 2010, 14 percent of troops serving in afghanistan were knocking three energy drinks a day. those service member were more likely to get four hours of sheep a night or less and more likely to fall asleep while on duty. the researchers conclude that soldiers clearly immediate to be more aware of the harmful effects of the beverages. >> you may have to record the games on thanksgiving because black friday is coming a day ahead of schedule the i am not recording anything. shopping on thanksgiving? that is not happening. gerri
: that's right. they were arrogant to make fun of barack obama because he was is a community organize and they kicked their butts by organizing and getting out to the poll. they are arrogant enough to say that elizabeth warren couldn't be on the consumer protection board, and now she is a colleague. >> stephanie: yeah maybe now sarah palin understands what a organizer does now. >> caller: yeah. i hope daddy is listening -- but she said we needed a responsible republican party so we have two sides to the debate. i disagree. i think we need to let the republican party destroy themselves. and the way to do that is immigration. because it will be on display for the whole public to see. >> stephanie: unfortunately this version of the republican party, they seem to not do anything because it is the right thing to do, they do it because they have to politically. and they it may get to the point where they have to. >> caller: but think about all of those tea partiers who are worried about their own existence. and this will cause -- the republican party will go down and the
. the republican challenger said he did not want to do that and doesn't that give president obama the right to push for raising taxes on the wealthiest americans? >> the house got re-elected. go back to simpson bowles. the people who give up most reductions are the higher income americans. how many actually pay 35%. the tax code rewards friends and punishes enemies. it makes people pay the rate that you pick and have a 25% rate that if you have bad tax policy you are going to have bad job creation. it is the way to go forward and i'm confident that is what we will do. senator graham we appreciate your time. >> coming up. when you listen to senator gr a aham do you get a sense that we are looking at anything other than gridlock? every one will say it is a roadblock. you do have leader read saying i'm not going to draw any lines in the sand. speaker boehner feels burned. he thought he had a deal with the president. and he thinks the president walked away from it. the president gives up higher taxes on the rich. republicans give up something on the short-term and more on the long-term. that is going t
. and even the right's beloved super pac designed to do to obama what obama did to romney backfired. remember aidle son, las vegas billionaire? said he's give up to $100 million to help romney defeat the socialist obama? why did he have to give so much money? because he gave so much to gingrich in the primaries to defeat vulture capitalist romney, the half-hour bain attack ad was produced and distributed by romney sugar daddy sheldon aidle son. it wasn't murder. it was auto erotica asphyxiation. the highlight of fox's total melted down for me-- and there were a lot of highlights. i'm a bit of a connoisseur-- was to see where they ultimately landed. the place they could go to in their own minds to rationalize the utter destruction of bull ( bleep ) mountain. >> it was almost four years of division and class warfare. we need to hope and pray that the president understands now that, that policy is divisive, and that policy is destructive to the future of the united states. >> let's hope a lesson has been learned, and he surprises with us some moderation. >> hope is important. >> jon: yes, let t
house. what is next for the second term of the obama administration? we will be right back. >> i need some help over here. >> where is sergeant robert yates today? >> we end up following him at this plane ride for many months, and he entered himself into a program at walter reed, where they used acupuncture, medication, other techniques to wean him off of the drugs that he was on, and through this program, he was able to walk out of walter reed on his own two feet. i commend the military for two things. one, allowing us to tell the story, but also for recognizing the problem by recognizing there is the problem of over- medication and they're looking for ideas on how to fix it. that is the thesis of the film. the status quo is not working, and we need to look for outside of the box ideas. >> more with matthew heineman, producer and director of "escape fire." sunday, on c-span's "q&a." "washington journal" continues. host: we are back with our reporter roundtable with margaret talev from bloomberg news and scott wilson from "the washington post." here is your special coverage from this
-ed for "the new york times" about whether obama can give the confidence americans need right now, focusing on legacy, which he goes on to say is the end game of the president and is often missing what's happened before his eyes. the great mishap of the first term is failing to direct. with a new president, a sky high approval rating, a sea of enthusiasts. with hindsight 2020, how will obama be different with legacy now in front of his mind? >> i actually think, in terms of legacy, he's going to have the legacy of bringing health care reform, which presidents have tried for a very long time, to fruition here in america, and he made a choice in doing that, and it probably was a choice that cost him some political capital because it came at the expense of some other things he might have done that people frankly thought were more important. i think he understands now this is an opportunity to -- and frankly, there's a mandate here, not just to deal with things like the fiscal cliff, but also to continue the economic recovery policies that the president has put in place that have been working s
to see. >> over here to your stage right. hi. what will be president obama's 3 legacy initiatives? what luck willie have getting those through to the congress? >> i'll take two. an interview with "the des moines register." he talked about immigration. he can get that done if he plays his cards right. he thought he could get a grand bargain. that will be harder to have a balanced approach to fighting what is -- that is two. >> i would think a third legacy would be a health-care. republicans have been saying all these things are going to happen under obamacare. now was on the evidence starts to come and. >> he always will be the first african-american president. relationships reproved is something we will look back on. >> he wants to reform the tax code. is another area where there could be more than a fleeting impact. has he learned horrible or negotiation -- has he learned hardball or negotiation? >> bob carr. you talk about extending the olive branch. to whom should he hand it? >> speaker boehner and eric cantor are not going anywhere. interesting to see how they danced together. will
'm going to hate it! can you hear me? i will hate it! >> boy, he really endorsed president obama, right? >> i think there are a lot of conservative republicans who feel that way and are very angry about it. >> i thought he did, didn't he? >> he didn't officially endorse him, no. >> but he praised his leadership. >> he did better, yes. he did better. >> which is, your right. in some ways, people don't care about endorsements but when someone from the other party says you're doing great responding to this storm that is bigger than an endorsement. >> probably did a lot for his own re-election, governor christie. he did a pretty good job for new jersey during the storm but it was very unusual. >> but don't you think he's a smart politician, right? he knows that new jersey's probably going to go to the democrats, right? his constituency, as it is -- if he knows that -- he probably thought that obama was probably going to be re-elected. he was hedging his bets. >> i don't know that he knew that. i do think that there was a lot of money on the table to help his state and they were reeling and
americans. the republican challenger said he did not want to do that and doesn't that give president obama the right to push for raising taxes on the wealthiest americans? >> well, i think the house got re-elected. their mandate is to not raise tax rates. go back to simpson-bowles. simpson bowles rejected the idea of higher tax rates. the people who will give up most deductions are the wealthy among us. big a rate, 30% and tell people you have to pay it. how many americans in the upper income level fully pay 35%. the tax code is a social engineering document. flatten the tax rate, make people pay the rate you pick, have a 25% corporate rate. if you have bad tax policy, you're going to have bad job creation. simpson-bowles is the way to go forward. i'm confident that's the way we will go. >> we'll watch it, senator graham, appreciate your time. >>> coming up next, john king and candy crowley, also david gergen and gloria borger. when you listen to senator graham, do you get a sense that we're looking at anything other than gridlock? you can say simpson-bowles all you want. >> you're going t
? on all of the issues you mentioned, it was very clear that president obama gets it, right? he knows the opportunities that are there. he wants everybody to be able to take advantage of the opportunities. he cares about those people. mitt romney cares about those who, like himself, have been hugely successful. all they want is more, more, more for them and they don't care about other people who are getting started. it sums it up why president obama got 60% of the young vote. he deserves it. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." >>"if you ever raise taxes on the rich, you're going to destroy our economy." not true! >>oh really? >>tax cuts don't create jobs. the golden years as the conservatives call them, we had the highest tax rates, and the highest amount of growth, and the highest amount of jobs. those are facts. >>"if you ever raise taxes on the rich, you're going to destroy our economy." not true! let's hear yours. politically direct means no b.s. just telling you what's going on in politics today. >>at the only on-line forum with a di
the concession phone call? jimmy fallon had some ideas. >> hello, president obama. >> all right. >> is this your concession call or are you still busy watching fox news? >> no, no. this is my concession call. congratulations, blah, blah, blah, you did it. >> hey, hey, hey, now, everything okay? seem a little down. >> just that i really wanted to be president. i was going to create 12 million jobs. >> well, look, look, buck up. you created one job, except it was for me. >> all right, very funny. you got me. you know, i can laugh at myself. ha, ha, ha. >> one last incarnation of the romney laugh. also, any clue what this post election tweet from a blogger with the atlantic politics wire is getting at? quote, it's perfectly reasonable to plan a transition after election but we rarely see one -- see what the loser was planning. here goes, if you had followed the link posted in the tweet there, you would have found yourself at the presidential transition website for president-elect mitt romney after he lost. that's right. here is the what could have been home page that mistakenly went public. even a
, use it, or what other people say it for you. right now, president obama's game is not to come out of the box, acting takeda, and give republicans -- acting cocky and giving republicans an idea -- a reason to want to stick it to him. he is saying let's get this done. that is what he is serious about, there is no reason to set yourself up as having more leverage than you do. host: margaret talev, and the go to this headline in bloomberg. what does he do on his health care law, if anything? guest: so, it really is a little bit of the congress, and this will play out in fiscal cliff and debt reduction negotiations, but a lot of this is in the hands of the states and whether they want to engage on the medicare front and in setting up their own exchanges. this will play out fairly quickly in the coming weeks. the notion of a repeal effort of what mitt romney pledged is gone now. there will be tinkering around the edges and governors making decisions pitted the individual state will have a lot to do with how the state receives it. host: scott wilson, "the washington post," your colleague
it was in battleground states. >> the final popular vote, obama is up as of right now, yesterday afternoon by 3 million votes, all over the country. and florida still being counted. a lot of what is coming in, democratic counties. the layest on the numbers. >> don't hold your breath. >>> a 21-year-old california man confessed to breaking noonan see pelosi's home. arrested during another burglary in the same napa valley neighborhood. he had a watch on him taken from pelosi's house. and police say he admitted to breaking into six homes. >>> still recovering from super storm sandy, residents in new jersey and new york are now being hit by a nor'easter. the heavy, wet snow took down power lines and made the evening commute a pretty dangerous one. >> more than 1,000 flights have been canceled at area's airports and the nation's largest commuter railroad came to a halt. central park picked up 4 inches of snow, which is a record for this date. >> biggest one, ocean county, new jersey, got a foot of snow. pretty big storm. >> you love snow too. >> no, wake me when it is april. the storm is moving into new engl
for our country. we're willing to accept new revenue under the right conditions. >> boehner said obama obama must reduce spending and overhaul entitlement programs. republicans then would be willing to back programs aimed at raising federal revenues. >>> pakistan remains one of the biggest foreign policy headaches for re-elected president obama. his second term will oversee the withdrawal of u.s. combat troops from afghanistan, scheduled to be complete by the end of 2014. nhk world's hideki yui outlines the challenges those two countries pose for obama's next term. >> reporter: afghanistan and pakistan are two nations affected by the u.s. fight against terrorism. both expect the obama administration to shift its focus during a second term to rebuilding the economy back home. at the height of the u.s. deployment, about 100,000 american troops were stationed in afghanistan. the number has fallen to less than 70,000, and further reductions are planned. many in afghanistan welcome that trend, but others voice concern that it could throw the unstable country back into civil war. dialogue be
so ugly on both sides and we have to remember that no matter who you voted for, barack obama is our president. >> right. >> and he is going to need our support and prayers more than ever with all the problem there are in this world. so, try to put aside your own personal feelings and reach across whatever aisle is in front of you, because you know what ultimately, we are all in this together. >> you're right. you're right. when you watched it last night and you watched mitt romney's concession speech and an elegant man. >> i got to say in this country, it's so unique in that you watch a very rabid battle that went on for a year, forever, it seems like and then in one night, it is like -- civility reigns. by the way, i don't know if you realized -- >> no coup d'etats here. >> not only do we do this show but we were correspond ends -- correspond endents for another program, we were very, very busy working for "the "daily show."" watch! >> "the "daily show"" election night special, featuring jason jones, jessica williams, george stephanopoulos, jim cantore anderson cooper and his golde
: his own party wouldn't support it. >> eric: right. >> bob: wouldn't support what? >> andrea: tax increases. >> dana: so in 2010, when the republicans won all the seats, in the lame duck session of congress, president obama said this is not the time to increase taxes on anybody. the economy is not growing fast enough and we need small business owners to create jobs. nothing has changed between then and now except for the political outlook. unless he didn't believe what -- either he didn't believe what he said then, or he is trying to change the picture now. i agree with rush, i don't think conservatism lost, but i think that the republicans are completely out-campaigned. that i think is true. >> eric: president obama changed the level at which you can receive food stamps. he made it vastly easier to qualify for this food stamp program. santa claus. that is giving. take from people who pay taxes and giving -- >> andrea: when reagan took office, 29% of americans were getting some kind of government check. now it's 49%. social security was never intended to be a retirement program. i
right now deserves barack obama. four years ago the public could be excused for voting for obama because it was a blank canvas which people could draw whatever pictures they wanted. but not this time. barack obama had a record that we could judge him by and majority of americans barely over 50% looked at that record and decided they wanted more of the same. >> eric: sean puts it well. 50%, more of the same, has conservatives scratching their head. >> greg: look, there is demographics. how many white voters disappeared? where did they go? 12 million. where did they go? the republican party, they have to act like frito lay. you don't just make a bunch of doritos. you have to keep making them. they have to go out and find new people and branch out. again, be confident in the ideas. and go to the new constituencies. >> eric: a lot of people said, leading up to the election, ton-out matters. it turns out, turn-out did matter. what did romney do wrong not getting the turn-out? >> greg: >> they say we should have courted latino voters. the republican party could have -- george bush did more on
declared his hope would be that president obama would fail, wasn't too happy about the results and tried to cheer up the right. >> conservatism did not lose. it's difficult to beat santa claus in a country where the option is santa claus or work. >>> shops putting up figurineses, one merchant said the president and first lady are special and italian politicians don't count for much. >>> along a beach in india, a sand artist celebrated obama's re-election by building a sculpture featuring the president, the american flag and a model of the white house on the beach. but that ask nothing compared to this. in kenya, the president's father was born. it is a bipartisan baby tribute. a new mom named one of her twin sons after both candidates. she said in keeping with how they placed, the first son was blamed barack obama, the second is mitt romney. how do you explain that 30 years down the road? >>> you know all those people that flooded your facebook feed with facebook chatter? young people were all over it on election day. older people dominated during the debates. that's your morning dish of
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